It is just the opposite of Jupiter in its characteristics and effective influences. It stands for or represents-black things and objects, caution and carefulness, coward, contraction, things degraded and debased, dirty, dingy and filthy, poverty, masses, underprivileged, undernourished, emaciation, slow, serious, astrology, magic and witchcraft, servants, bones, teeth, retardation, retrogression, pain, torture, loss, obstacles, impediments, timid, atonement, delay, etc. It is the prime malefic and has a profound malefic influence on every earthly object and event. However, it also stands for hard work, perseverance, which are considered good qualities in any human being. Saturn is indeed a hard task master and gives you minimal fruit of ur work in the hard way. It is also miserly and dull in its characteristics influences.

    Relationship Between planets

  • Friendly: Mercury,Venus,Rahu
  • Neutral: Jupiter,Ketu
  • Inimical: Sun,Moon,Mars

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