Planets with Zodiac


application of the role and influences of the sun, the largest body of our solar system.


Feminine, cold, watery, moist, white, fair-complexion, western direction, mird, affluence, residence, home, mother, maternal, phlegm, sensitive, changeable


It is the largest among the planets revolving around the sun. It is hot and temperate. Its characteristics and significations are- sanguine and composed,


Venus is the smaller benefic while Jupiter is the larger benefic. Its characteristics and significations are listed hereunder


It is just the opposite of Jupiter in its characteristics and effective influences. It stands for or represents-black things and objects, caution and carefulness, coward


Mars is a hot and temperate planet and carries with it quite similar esoteric influences. It stands for violence and violent destruction.


Mercury is the smallest Planet in the solar system. It governs and represents: Spech, wit, intelligence, nerves and nervous ailments, humour


It is the first of the two shadowy planets, a brief account of which has already been rendered before. Now Let us see what Rahu stands for, represents and characterises


The second of the shadowy planets, ketu stands for and governs the following: Secret documents, secret love affairs, smugglers, spy and espionage

About Planets

Planets are the most important astrological entities because they are the purveyos of various divine influences impinging on our earth and the earthlings. They are the physical bodies which really act as the ‘agents’ of universal Supreme Divinity or God who controls and systematically governs the entire universe. Planets imbibe individual characteristics of Rashi and Nakshatra in which they happen to lie. As heavenly bodies, they are under continuous elliptical motion, revolving around the sun. Geographically taking earth as the reference point, the planets are continuously moving around the periphery of the Zodiac and complete full journey along the Zodiac in their one complete revolution. In Hindu Mythology as also in Greek Mythology, Planets stands for Gods who Dwell in the heaven. In our study of astrology, We shall, however, not go into all those mythological detailsof planets but shall only be concerned with their astrological influences.

The Hindu Astrology recognizes nine planets-Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Venus, Rahu and ketu. It gives no astrological significance to trans Saturine planets, i.e. Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. The effects of these Planets are covered Comprehensively by influences ascribed to Rahu and Ketu Which are Shadowy Planets and do not possess any physical or material entity.

In the Hindu Mythological context, Rahu and Ketu are Popularly refered to asDragon’s Head and Dragon’s Tail respectively. Accoding to Vishnu Purana, a popular Hindu religious scripture, Lord Vishnu, one of the three supreme Gods-Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva,Constituting the divine triumvirate-regulates the functioning of the entire universe. He also descends on the earth from time to time in animal or human incarnations to destroy sins and sinners and establish righteousness. He does this in every mega age or ‘Yuga’ . According to Vishnu purana, millions of years ago Gods and Demons undertook a gigantic ocean churning activity. Various invaluable and precious items were exuded by the Divine Nector or ‘Amrit’ having the power to bestow immortality. The Demons, given to baser Insticts, at once snatched the nector pot to prevent Gods from tasting the immortalising nectar. Lord Vishnu, who had taken upon himself the responsibility for destroying the evil and establishing harmony and religiosity intervened to prevent the demons from tasting the nector as they did not possess the conduct and character worthy of it. But this was done in a clever and tricky manner by the lord. By assuming the form of ‘Mohini’ , The ultimate feminine beauty, he began distributing the nector among the Gods first with the intention of not leaving anything remaining for the demons . One of the demons noticed this trick of lord Vishnu and seated himself in the row of gods to receive his share of nector. He had just galloped his share when among the gods, the sun and the moon (Surya and the Chandra in Hindu Mythological language) noticed the demon disguised as a God. They at once indicated this to Lord Vishnu who immediately beheaded the demon with his discus. But having tasted the divine nector, the demon had been rendered immortal. The demon,s head as well as trunk survived till eternity. The head is known as rahu and the Trunk Ketu. In the Geographical or astronomical context, Rahiu is simply The Northern point Of intersection of earth’s orbit of revolution around the Sun and the Moon’s orbit around the earth. Ketu is the southern point of intersection.

Characterstics of planet

When we talk about the characteristics of Planets including Rahu and ketu we indeed connote all characteristics-their Physical, essential as well as astrological Characterstics which include powers of various Planets to influence present and future events in myriad ways. How these influences work is Shrouded in Mystery. Indeed the Planets are believed to amit mysterious rays that impinge on earth and carry with them all those wonderfull characteristics. While giving the exposition of Planetary characteristics below , I consider it worthwhile to indicate the specific characteristics, significations and things that planets represent or symbolize in an enlisted form.

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