Mars is a hot and temperate planet and carries with it quite similar esoteric influences. It stands for violence and violent destruction. Let us first delineate its prime characteristics and the various things it represents-
Army and armed forces, defence, police, military, war, annihilation, riots, red things, blood. Mars is also considered malefic in its influence. However, its malefic influence is diametrically opposite to that of Saturn. Saturn is also a destroyer but its destructive action is slow, gradual, insidious. The destructive action of mars is sudden, often instantaneous. Mars rules over fires, explosion, volcanic eruptions and similar Phenomena. In the human body Mars governs blood and the menstrual flow in women. It causes biliousness because of its hot and temperate influences. It also produces fevers and inflammations of various kinds. It governs engineering education and machinery. It causes injury by accidents. It also rules over surgery and surgeons. Such is the nature of this ‘red’ planet.
Coming to the good influences of mars, It would be worthwhile to mention here that Mars is the source of active physical as well as mental energy. Activity, initiative, entrepreneurship, courage, bravery-all these human qualities are ascribed to Mars. So much for the planet, mars and its astrological influences.

    Relationship Between planets

  • Friendly:Sun, Moon,Jupiter
  • Neutral:Rahu, Ketu Mercury
  • Inimical: Venus, Saturn

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