Can one hypnotise oneself?

the hypnotist can hypnotise others and make him do things as he wants. Following the other method he can hypnotise himself. Which is called self-hypnotisation that is done by Hypnotism specialist. In ancient time the yogis used to sit in samadhi for long durations. Even today there are many yogis who take recourse to samadhi for 10 to 15 days. It is self-hypnotisation which accounts for this capacity. In a situation like this the Hypnotism specialist suggest to his own outer mind to fall asleep. He obtains samadhi through self- hypnotisation. Neverthel

Ordinary: while in this stage the 'medium' finds it beyond himself to open his eyes. Gradually his hands and legs go out of his control. He does not know what he is doing and what his stage of being is.

Medium: this stage puts the 'medium' to a deeper hypnotic sleep. While his capacity to receive suggestions remains very limited, his inner mind is receptive to all orders placed on it.

Unconsious: this stage marks the deepest hypnotic sleep the 'medium' graduates to. He receives in a proper way whatever suggestions or biddings he is called upon to follow. He acts up to it in a proper way. It is actually an artificial sleep, and as he wakes up to his consciousness he recalls whatever he was told in the hypnotic sleep.

This is the ultimate stage, a rounded one. I this stage the 'medium' loses all control over himself and he simply follows whatever he is told to do. He feels himself totally at the disposal of the hypnotist. If the 'medium' is suggested at this In chilly winter season that the day is burning hot and the heat today has become unbearable he would put off his clothes and would feel the blazing heat of the summer. Working on this suggestion the indian yogis used to perch themselves uigh above the snowy summits of the himalayas, a mountain range of snow and ice. Where normally nobody with all his protective clothes could think of spending a minute, the yogis in scanty clothes used to roam happily.

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