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    There are 12 zodiac signs.The heavenly bodies, i.e. stars, the sun and the moon as visible from the earth are contained in a giant circular strip revolve round the sun and constitute the solar system according to the basic tenets of astrology, terrestrial events and phenomena are influenced by the planets, the sun, the moon and the stars.

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What is astrology?

Astrology as a science is as old as the oldest scriptures of the human civilization. Today, in the twenty first century, human life as become a bundle of contradictions. Thought the rapid progress of science and technology has succeeded in making our life comfortable, happiness and peace still elude many of us. The high degree of materialism in modern culture has perhaps increased man’s interest in the questions of what, how and when pertaining to various phenomena of world. These phenomena is include the future event or an individual’s life as well as event related to various human institutions. it is exactly here that astrology comes in. it provides a ready answer to the questions of how, what and when for events of a person’s life and for event of Social, Political, Financial or utopian institutes that have a direct bearing on individual’s life. Astrology does not bear the scrutiny of modern science. But, as we all know, there is much more that science has to unravel and discover. Truly speaking, Astrology is far beyond modern science, rather unfathomable by modern science.

The fact that modern science and technology has brought newer and more complex types of tension in human society explains the increasing human curiosity about future events- manifests itself in crass commercialism and cut-throat competition, of relatively self –oriented lifestyles and of generally decadent moral order-slow but sure. This is, of Course, not to say that in the past people had no interest in Astrology. Astrology as science, and a practical science, has always been in existence in human history. Our ancestors duly consulted Astrologers for fixing auspicious moments before initiating any important task. Horoscope of prospective brides and grooms were always matched, and Astrology was always used as a guide for proper accomplishment of worldly duties. But today, it is the increasing materialism in human life that interest in future events and prediction thereof has become so wide spread and intense.

It is sincerely hoped that the reader would be well in position to apply the knowledge acquired from this book to understand himself and his surroundings better, to avert dangers and pitfalls that lie ahead in his life and to make better use of his faculties, resources and opportunities for his own benefit and for the larger benefit of society.

Astrology, therefore, as a comprehensive science which elucidates the effects of heavenly bodies on the earth and its inhabitants can be studied under different sub- head. These Sub-heads are mundane astrology, genethliacal astrology, political astrology and commercial astrology. Of these, genethliacal astrology covers the affairs of an individual native- from birth till death. Mundane astrology pertains to teers trail and eathly phenomenon like rains, droughts, floods, storms, frost, firs and the like. Political astrology deals with political upheavals elections nad electioneering’s, governments and political leaders. Commercial astrology covers in its ambit business and commercial matters investment scenarios , share market variation, nation and internation economic affairs etc.

Perhaps the most significant branch of astrology today is genthliacal astrology since it involves various different aspects of the life of an indivisual. It provides a complete picture of the life of the native- from the cradle to the grave. It indicates the strengths and weaknesses of his character; and provides an insight into his personality traits. It throws light on his domestic and social environment; and show his hopes, aspirations and ambitions. In short, it is a means of unfolding what mother destiny has in store, for him in his voyage through life.

In this little work, a humble attempt is being made to present the secrets of astrology in a simple, effective and lucid style. The basic principle which from the foundation of this work are taken from the treatises life by our revered sages, savants and scholars of Hindu astrology who were undisputed masters of this great science. The author will feel amply rewarded for his efforts if the ideas contained in this work make an interesting reading for the layman and he is able to comprehend these ideas to effect his attitudes, beliefs and living in the beneficial manner. The book is indeed, intended for those common people who have great interest in knowing the various aspects of the science of astrology, who perhaps regularly go thought weekly/daily astrological forecasts appering in newspapers but lack the time and resources to pursue a serious, formal study of astrology as a subject.